PG Switch

Introducing PG Switch - Simplify Your Payment Gateway Management

At Pelocal, we understand the challenges associated with managing multiple payment gateways and ensuring a seamless payment experience for your customers. That's why we offer the powerful PG Switch feature, designed to streamline your payment infrastructure and enhance transaction success rates. Let's delve into the advantages and benefits that PG Switch brings to your business.

Advantages of PG Switch:

  • With the current scenario, users manually select a payment gateway, leading to potential disruptions and a lack of a seamless journey. However, with PG Switch, users will be automatically redirected to the gateway with the lowest rates, ensuring a frictionless payment experience. In case of a failure with the primary gateway (Payu Gateway), users will be seamlessly redirected to the Paytm Gateway. If both gateways fail, the user will receive a payment link on WhatsApp to complete the transaction. This automated redirection ensures a smooth and hassle-free payment journey.

  • In the current scenario, users may encounter errors while selecting a payment gateway, causing payment issues. With PG Switch, users benefit from the highest uptime by automatically redirecting to an active and lowest cost payment gateway. This optimization eliminates payment hurdles and increases successful transaction figures, ultimately improving the overall user experience.

  • Currently, businesses often lack control over transaction rates, resulting in higher costs. By leveraging PG Switch, you gain the ability to obtain the lowest rates possible on each transaction, leading to significant cost savings. Additionally, Pelocal's platform offers a single-window dashboard, eliminating the need to maintain different portals for each payment gateway. This centralized approach simplifies payment management and reduces administrative complexities.

  • Managing settlements and refunds across different portals can be time-consuming and challenging. With PG Switch, Pelocal provides a comprehensive dashboard that empowers you to efficiently handle settlement processes and refunds. This consolidated platform ensures seamless reconciliation and simplifies financial management.

Benefits of PG Switch:

  • PG Switch allows you to manage your payment infrastructure through a centralized, single- access dashboard. From adding multiple gateways to managing settlements and refunds, the platform offers comprehensive control over the entire payment ecosystem. This centralized approach enhances efficiency and reduces operational complexities.

  • PG Switch intelligently routes transactions to the payment gateway with the lowest rate, ensuring cost optimization for your business. By leveraging this feature, you can significantly reduce transaction costs and improve profitability.

  • PG Switch minimizes manual effort by automating the payment gateway selection process. With intelligent redirection based on active gateways and lowest costs, you can focus on core business activities rather than manually managing payment gateways.

  • PG Switch offers a single reconciliation report across multiple payment gateways, providing enhanced transparency in payment processing. This consolidated report simplifies financial analysis, reduces reconciliation efforts, and ensures accurate and efficient transaction tracking.

  • Implementing PG Switch does not require any coding efforts. Pelocal's team will seamlessly integrate the feature into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruptions.

    To take advantage of these benefits and revolutionize your payment gateway management, contact us today to explore the possibilities of PG Switch and take your payment experiences to new heights!

    At Pelocal, we are committed to simplifying your payment processes and empowering your business with innovative solutions. Discover the power of PG Switch and unlock the full potential of your payment infrastructure.

    Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities of PG Switch and take your payment experiences to new heights!

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