Merchants Grievance Policy


At Pelocal, we value our merchant partners and are dedicated to providing a platform that supports your business needs. We understand that there may be situations where you need to address concerns or grievances. This Merchants Grievance Policy outlines our commitment to addressing and resolving merchant grievances in a transparent and efficient manner.


The purpose of this policy is to:
  • Define the process for merchants to raise grievances.
  • Ensure timely and fair resolution of grievances.
  • Foster a positive and productive partnership between Pelocal and its merchants.

Grievance Submission

Merchants can submit grievances through the following channels:
  • Email:

    Send an email to

  • Phone:

    Contact our merchant support team at 9150035398

  • Online Portal:

    Utilize our dedicated online portal for grievance submission.

When submitting a grievance, please provide the following information:
  • Your merchant account details.
  • A clear description of the grievance, including relevant transaction details.
  • Your merchant account details.
  • Any supporting documents or evidence.

Grievance Handling

Upon receiving a merchant grievance, we will follow these steps:
  • Acknowledgment:

    We will promptly acknowledge receipt of your grievance within 48 hours.

  • Investigation:

    Our dedicated grievance resolution team will thoroughly investigate the matter, including reviewing transaction records, communication history, and any supporting documents.

  • Resolution:

    We will work diligently to resolve the grievance as quickly as possible. This may include financial adjustments, system corrections, or any other appropriate actions.

  • Communication:

    We will keep you informed throughout the resolution process, providing updates and the expected timeframe for resolution.

  • Closure:

    Once the grievance is resolved, we will notify you of the outcome and any actions taken.


If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided, you have the option to escalate the grievance to a higher authority within Pelocal. We will provide you with contact details for escalation as needed.


We value your feedback on our grievance resolution process. Your input is essential in helping us improve our services and prevent similar grievances in the future.